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+=====))[k i c h i g a i v6 . 6 6 :: ǝɹʇɐǝɥʇ uoᴉsnlǝp]---

US based metalhead who is very much into the visual kai aesthetic, horror, and macabre.


From NJ-USA and feasts on dark media / metal. Occasionally writes reviews.

「Black Wings Society」

A famously confusing Neocities cypberpunk / synth music site, it has metal music now (?).

The Curse Zone

Likes thrash, death, heavy, black, goth, & nu.

dark and obscure

Curated collector of quality underground metal releases.

Driftt's shiesa

Eclectic metalhead who likes merch and frequently posts blog entries.


Diverse musical passion; but, when it comes to metal, sludge and death will suffice.

The Heretic's Temple

Black Sabbath fan, metalhead, pagan, occultist.

Home - The Radical Lair

Retro fan who enjoys metal, but no metal content on their page.

In Nomine Satanas

Really into the video game Doom and all genres of extreme music.

Metal Seine

French metal fanpage dedicated to the Paris music scene.


Midwest metalhead, Satanist, and aspiring musician.

No Sleep

"Expression of an anonymous man on the internet" who also likes death and thrash.

Nuclear Girl

Aussie metalhead who loves doom, gothic, death, black, heavy, etc. Does album ratings.


OG mid-west USA metalhead who also makes logos and enjoys electronic music.

Velkommen til Helvete

Pagan Satanist who is into black metal and early pagan metal.


"Resident extraterrestrial Russki. Megadeth connoisseur. Time traveller."